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Space Team: Kingdom Come And Star Citizen Collaborating


But not on a version of the delightful mobile game Space Team. Sometimes my headlines get away from me, take on lives of their own, and begin pulling nefarious pranks on innocent passersby. I apologize. I blame the public schooling system. But anyway, the two members of Kickstarter's Might As Well Be Triple-A contingent, Star Citizen and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, are joining forces to sensually swap technology and probably tell each other all kinds of deeply personal secrets. I hope Star Citizen gets space horses. (Which, when couched in the previous metaphor, sounds like some kind of infectious disease. Clarification: I do not hope that Star Citizen gets the fictitious disease Space Horses.)

Star Citizen's Chris Roberts explained the meeting of minds and (rather unlikely) settings in a blog post:

"Like Star Citizen, Kingdom Come is built on the CryEngine. They’re using the same technology to do for swords and armor what we are doing for spaceships and alien worlds. Kingdom Come doesn’t just look like a great game, though: it looks like something we on the Star Citizen team could learn from. The characters and outfits I saw working in-engine in the trailer impressed me so much that I contacted the team to talk about what was going on under the hood."

"The good news is: the team at Warhorse isn’t just an incredible talented group of people… they’re also kindred spirits who are willing to share the work they’ve done! We will be sharing with them the tricks for working with CryEngine we’ve learned over the last 18 months and they will be letting us in on the secrets and the tech behind what they’re doing! I’ve always said that independent developers should stick together, and the potential good for both games that can come from this unofficial partnership is proof positive."

So Star Citizen gets nicer looking characters and animations, and Kingdom Come becomes - I don't know - shinier? Or maybe it gets cool automotive-industry-style horse commercials. "This baby's engine whinnies like a champ and has two horsepower. It only four legs, but it runs like it has eight, and oh wait actually it does have eight this is awkward."

But yes, this sounds like good news all around. Two great-looking games get even better, assuming both companies play nicely together. It'll be interesting to see if more crowdfunded games with triple-A aspirations follow a similar pattern, seeing as it takes away a hefty chunk of change from the equation. Time will tell. Anyway, time to go start working on my space-age horse armor mod.

So, why not enjoy an hour of Kingdom Come:

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