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Spark The Electric Jester 2 speeds towards a May 16th launch

Unlike Sonic, he makes you chuckle

Horrible Sonic teeth got you feeling blue? Maybe some yellow will help you feel more mellow if you like your 3D platformers hitting the redline. Spark The Electric Jester 2 now has a store page, and a closer release date than I was expecting - May 16th, less than two weeks off. Produced by solo dev Feperd Games, it's the Sonic Adventure-esque 3D sequel to the 2D, Classic styled Spark The Electric Jester, one of the most underrated speedy platformers this side of Freedom Planet. I've been following it since it was announced, and really like what I've seen and played of an early demo, which you can snag below.

Originally and awkwardly titled Fark The Electric Jester (Spark is still on holiday after saving the world in the first game, and you're playing as his robot stand-in), Spark 2 is shaping up fine. The platforming feels like the better parts of Sonic Adventure 2, only less glitchy and with more consistent movement physics. The biggest difference is the increased focus on combat, with Fark able to pick up and use a variety of melee weapons with their own special moves. Some levels have boxed-in arenas where you need to clear out all enemies, but you'll mostly be running and jumping.

Please note that the demo here is from April 2018. The game has undoubtedly changed a lot since then, but it should still give you a rough idea of how Spark 2 works. Given how speedy the game's production has been, I'd honestly be surprised to see much from the demo in the final cut, but the demo levels have huge potential for going extra fast, as speedrunner "Themimik" proves here. An expert player barely ever has to touch the ground, although most will want to stick to the roads. It's exactly the kind of speediness I want in a Sonic-alike.

Spark The Electric Jester 2 launches on May 16th, and you can find it here on Steam, or the old demo here. No price has been announced, but the developer is offering early beta access for $20 via their Patreon page, though I haven't played that version yet. The original Spark is £5.79/€6.59/$7.99 on Steam - read Amr Al-Aaser's thoughts on why it's more than just a hedgehog homage.

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Spark the Electric Jester

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Spark The Electric Jester 2

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