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The Sims meets a sitcom about a space marine and a xenomorph sharing an apartment meets the ZX Spectrum’s How To Be A Complete Bastard. Antagonise Todd, the alien into moving out by interfering with his possessions and the hygiene of the flat, but don’t get caught! Brief, but the most openly funny minigame.

A three year old’s review (note: her mind was still on TXT World!, the brief image of a Glittermitten fairy eating a pastrami sandwich that appeared just before SPAXRIS began, and the written warning that SPAXRIS was unsuitable for children):

“A fairy eating a burger? Who’s her name? I thought it was a princess.”

“The white lions are Nala. She’s a white lion actually. And Simba’s like a yellowy red lion.”

“Do you think fairies normally eat burgers? I don’t think they actually do”

“When you say its consuitably for childs I’ll just look at something else and play with my kittens.”

“Where am I?”

“Is that Todd? Read his magazines.”

“Maybe he’s gone to live in an alien house. Or with his mummy and daddy. His mummy and daddy might be the same type of alien as him. He’s a meanie. He certainly is a meanie.”