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Cool wizards will battle in a royale manner in Spellbreak

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What if battle royale but wizards? Okay, Battlerite Royale, sure. But what if battle royale but wizards and big flashy magic spells hurling whirlwinds and rocks and giant walls of fire and spaffing special effects all over? Ah, for that you'll want to look to Spellbreak, an upcoming battle royale starring cool wizards. Mate, even if you're not interested in battlers royale, you might want to see this new trailer for the fancy spells these wizards are tossing off.

That's magic. Don't give me weedy wizard fireballs, other video games, when meteors like that could be flying around. Get wizzed.

"Early in Spellbreak's development, we decided to incorporate RPG elements, which led us to develop a system of 'classes' that add a significant degree of depth to how players build out their characters," developers Proletariat explain. "In each match, you are given the opportunity to select and develop two classes. Each class contains a passive ability and three scrolls that you choose and level up over the course of a match. At the moment, we have 11 classes (one for each school of magic and then five others)."

I've always thought the six schools of magic were vanishing, card tricks, throwing knives, sawing-in-half, posing, and mindfreaking, but Proletariat are going more elemental. See recent posts about the Pyromancer and electrical Conduit for more on their abilities and to see more fancy special effects. I also like the talk of elements interacting, like lighting gauntlets being able to shock along trails of ice and water.

No firm word yet on when Spellbreak will launch, but folks with huge amounts of money can buy into pre-alpha testing through its site.

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