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Spelunky 2 is happening

Spelunky 2! Spelunky 2! Spelunky 2!

Keep an eye on the Sony announcements during Paris Games Week, I said. Maybe From Software would pull off a remarkable double-whammy by revealing Bloodborne 2 and saying it'd be coming to PC and that a special edition of the first would be arriving on Steam tomorrow. Maybe Naughty Dog would stroll onto a stage and declare that they'd accidentally made The Last Of Us 2 in such a way that it'd only work on Linux. Anything seemed possible.

Except for an outta nowhere announcement that Spelunky 2 is in development. This is the best possible news because Spelunky is one of the greatest games ever made.

For those not in the know, Spelunky was originally released in 2008. It was free and open source, but it has since been re-released in a fancified edition, on PC as well as many a console. Essentially, it's a game about finding treasure in caves while various things attack you and bombs smash up the scenery. It's controlled chaos in procedurally generated levels that are packed with cleverly placed nooks, crannies, traps and treasures. It's brilliant.

The only things I know about the sequel are that it appears you'll be playing as the child of the adventurer from the first game, and that it probably doesn't take place on the moon despite the moon appearing prominently in the logo shot.

Oh, also that I really really really really want to play it right now. Of course, the worst possible news might follow - maybe it'll be PS4 only. But surely not. SURELY not. [Heck yes it's coming to PC too, creator Derek Yu has since confirmed -ed.]

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Spelunky 2

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