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Spider-Man VR now gumming up cybergoggles


Spider-Man, they say. Spider-Man, they repeat. He does whatever a spider can, they tell us. Alas, spiders are incapable of releasing games on PC, so we're not getting the Batman-lookin' Spider-Man PS4 game that Sony flashed around at E3. Nope, our fanciest modern-day Webslinging™ option is a new virtual reality doodad promoting that there new movie Ian Hollywood has made. Spider-Man: Homecoming - Virtual Reality Experience [Steam page] is out now, a little doodad free for gogglenauts, and its launch mostly reminds me how much I like other games about swinging around.

If you have Rift or Vive cybergoggs and fancy waving around Spider-Man's severed forearms as your own, swing by Steam and download Homecoming's Virtual Reality Experience for free. It has a few tutorial bits teaching the basics of webspitting to attack garbage then a little scripted action with Birdman. It's a free promo game for a movie so don't expect anything too fancy.

This ? is the Spider-Man game we're not getting on PC. No, I don't know how the spiders able to release games on PS4 yet not on PC.

In these modern multiplatform days, exclusives like this are such unpleasant oddities. Back when Activision had Beenox and co. make Spider-Man games, they came to PC and other consoles too. Now Sony have nabbed the rights and are only releasing Insomniac's game on PlayStation 4. Boooo.

Activision's Spider-Man games aren't even sold any more, removed from Steam earlier this year because... reasons? Stickyman is still playable in the free-to-play Marvel Heroes and the LEGO Marvel games (the next of which arrives in November) but it's not nearly the same stick 'em up experience.

Beyond Stickyman, the recent Attack on Titan game is a swinging good time. Energy Hook, created by a guy who masterminded swinging in a past Spider-Man game, is a little janky but is £7 in the Steam summer sale. Or if you just want swinging, any swinging, recent roguelikelike 2D platformer Flinthook is cracking. That's but the tip of the swinging 'berg! What makes your heart swing, chums?

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