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Splice animals to create new species in this zoo management game

Are people just making games for Nate now?

The cheery park-building and management of 90s sims like Theme Park combines with the genetic horrors of Doctor Moreau in Let's Build A Zoo, a manage 'em up coming this summer. Yeah, you build and decorate a zoo, keep guests happy, try to turn a profit, and all that. You can also splice the animals into hundreds of thousands of monstrous combinations. Peek the trailer below.

The game's blurb says it has over 500 animals, which can be spliced into over 300,000 creatures. I think that just means putting one animal's head of another animal's body, but frankly any animal looks hilarious with a duck head. Even if it's a duck head atop a duck body, the bread-guzzling fool.

You can get murky by dealing with black market animal traders too, and today's announcement says "you have the choice to go down an evil path, work your staff to the bone, and essentially turn your zoo into a meat factory."

But which combination of animals would be most delicious? As a vegetarian, I couldn't really say. But I hope it's a combination of proper smug animals, something which deserves it, you know? Cross-breed between sheep and a dog, maybe (a shog?). Or clownfish and parrot (a carrot?).

Let's Build A Zoo is coming to Steam this summer. It's made by Springloaded and published by No More Robots. A closed beta is due in May, and you can sign up for a chance to play.

I dread to see what might happen when our Nate, creator of Bin World and The Leopard Cloud in Planet Zoo, gets ahold of this.

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Let's Build a Zoo

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