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Splitgate will stay in beta indefinitely so the devs can continue improving it

"We never dreamed of having to scale this big this quickly"

The new Portal-meets-Halo shooter Splitgate has been doing a bit bloody well recently, so the developers have decided to keep it in beta until further notice so they can carry on scaling up their servers. Made by 1047 Games, Splitgate was supposed to release in full this month. Since the beta launched, they've been surprised by how quickly its popularity has grown, getting more than 10 million downloads since it first went into beta in July. It's full release is now delayed indefinitely, and the devs say they have more content coming down the line.

For context, Splitgate was downloaded by two million people when it's beta first kicked off, delaying the game's full launch after the sheer number of players trying to get in caused a bunch of server issues. Those have all been resolved now, and the game is still doing well - at the time of writing, it's sitting at just under 70,000 concurrent players.

In a press release, the devs explain they've continued working hard to increase server capacity and reduce player queue times, and have more improvements and upgrades on the way. On top of that, they have content updates arriving later this year, and a "significant" announcement for Gamescom next week.

"We never dreamed of having to scale this big this quickly, and as a result we have had to overcome challenges to keep up with player demand," said CEO and co-founder of 1047 games Ian Proulx. "We met several major milestones in a short time, creating a stable platform where fans can expect to find a server to play on relatively quickly, and I'm proud of what our team has accomplished - but there's a lot more to come!"

"We are focused on keeping the game stable for fans, and iterating on the game’s concurrent capacity in order to minimize player wait times," he added. "We want to do this the right way, and we want to be prepared for massive scale when we officially launch, all the while continuing to improve the beta with frequent updates, additional features, and improvements to server capacity."

If you've not played any yet, Splitgate looks like Halo, but you can make portals to sneak up on enemies from daft angles. It's complex and strange, but good fun. If you find yourself hopping in to try it out, do check out our Splitgate guide for some tips and tricks to help you get started.

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