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Splitgate is still so slammed that it has a new server status Twitter account

Server queues are between 30 and 90 minutes

As we learned a week ago, portaling FPS Splitgate was so popular during its open beta phase that 1047 Games had to extend the beta and delay launch. They're currently attempting to expand their servers and fit over 100,000 players. At the moment, interest in Splitgate is still outpacing their ability to expand, with queue times hitting 90 minutes yesterday. 1047 are now tracking server and queue status on Twitter while they work to keep up and say they are "working our tails off."

Splitgate's developers reported pulling in an unanticipated 50,000 players across all platforms as of July 20th. It currently has nearly 60,000 players on Steam alone.

"The rate of growth of our playerbase is faster than the rate we can increase server capacity," 1047 explain. "We are working on a long term solution to greatly increase server capacity to well over 100k concurrent but this takes time."

They also shared an explanation of the situation from their server engineer, who likens the sudden popularity to being a five-top restaurant suddenly facing a queue of thousands of diners. They want to expand, sure, but setting up the infrastructure and hiring hands to run it both take time. "We are figuring it out as we go along," their engineer explains. "We absolutely are working our tails off."

To help players understand where Spligate is currently at, 1047 have booted up a new Twitter account where they'll be reporting server status and queue times.

As of last night, 1047 reported servers being online and queue times hitting a slightly more tolerable 30 minute mark.

Splitgate was expected to launch last Tuesday, but 1047 decided to leave the game in beta while releasing some of the content updates they'd planned to make for launch. Full release is now expected sometime this month. They've not chosen a date yet—presumably because they aren't sure yet what date they'll be able to handle the capacity.

If you don't mind taking a crack at the queues for a shot at portaling team FPSing, you can download and play Splitgate for free on Steam.

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