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Spookware is a bone-jangling take on WarioWare

It looks dead funny

Developers Beeswax Games clearly took inspiration from WarioWare's kooky micro-games and asked, "What if we made it spookier?" And thus, Spookware was born! Or rather died, depending on which way you look at it. Either way, it promises a horrifying roadtrip filled with tiny, off-the-wall micro-games and I'm absolutely shotgunning the front seat.

So in Spookware you've got the three "skelebros" - Lefti, Midi, and Righti - who embark on a road trip through the afterlife. It's a bit like WarioWare - complete with a dynamite-loaded timer fuse - but with a bit more story structure and lots of skellingtons. Episode One of this bone-jangling journey is out now, with another three episodes slated for release later down the line.

But what does Spookware Episode One hold? Well, lots of gruesome mini-games spanning three chapters. There's one where you're sawing a leg in two under a strict time limit, and another where you're a skeleton playing the saxophone, of course.

Each of Episode One's chapters also include new areas for the skelebros to rattle around. Just going off Spookware's trailer, I really dig the realistic environments coupled with the cutesy, cartoony skeletons. It reminds me a bit of Paper Mario, but less Koopa Kingdom and more Mundane Morgue.

The devs haven't set dates for Spookware's future episodes, but over on it Steam page, they say that the full package will contain over 200 mini-games and over a dozen areas. Definitely one to watch out for folks.

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