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Tactical FPS Squad Holding Free Steam Trial Weekend

Oscar Mike

Fancy some different FPS action this weekend? Rainbow Six Siege has a free trial with a taste of its wall-busting tactical action, as we've already mentioned, and the realistic action of Squad [official site] is open to all too. Squad is made by some folks who worked on the Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality and follows a similar path, offering 50v50 realistic-ish combined arms action. It's still in early access but has been coming along, as you can see by playing it yourself. The full game is free to try this weekend on Steam and it's on sale as well.

If you demand testimony before you start downloading, you can read Marsh's Premature Evaluation for a broad overview. Do be aware that was almost a year ago, before developers Offworld Industries even added vehicles.

Hey, you there, reading this now: can you fill-in your fellow dear readers on how Squad is nowadays? A few folks have kicked us in the shin for mentioning Siege's free weekend but overlooking Squad, which you can take as either enthusiasm for Squad or a desire to kick us. Or both, I suppose. Please do stop with the kicking. John's hobbling something fierce and keeps asking us to carry him places. "It's a joke" he insists but you can clearly see he's hoping one of us will give in and either schlep him over to the kitchenette or deliver hot buttery toast direct to his desk.

Hit Steam to download Squad. You've got until 1pm Pacific Time (9pm UK time) on Sunday to play.

If you want it for keepsies after that, hey, it's half-price at £14.99/18,49€/$19.99 until Monday. Offworld Industries plan to leave early access and release the full game in mid-2017.

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