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Squirm around a tiny bridge in the Tiny Vampire Survivors update

Vampire de-sizers

A tiny bridge makes so much sense as a late-game Vampire Survivors challenge stage. The game's arguably at its most captivating when the hordes start clogging up your death machinery, squeezing you into tighter and tighter corridors as you pray for a power-up or multi-item chest. It's pleasantly squirmy, but will the bridge added in yesterday's appropriately titled "The Tiny One" update be too squirmy?

The update also added a couple new achievements, and an item that lets you banish a weapon or power-up of your choosing across all of your runs. Come see.

If the sheer lack of space wasn't enough of a threat, it looks like the bridge also tries to bury you under swords and minecarts. A challenging challenge stage indeed, unlocked by reaching level 80 in the inverted version of Gallo Tower.

You can unlock the new item, the Seal, by banishing 10 items in a run. The update page refers to its base price as 10.000, which I believe means you can buy it from the merchant who you meet in the Moongolo bonus level. You can set it to ban weapons or power-up items via the collection menu, though note that banning items will just replace them with a gold coin instead.

VS came out of early access last month. As I said in my Vampires Survivors review, it's very much worth diving into all the new stuff - and uh, it turns out I'd overlooked a very easy way of dealing with the bubble-blowing death wizard that spoiled my fun in the final stage, so don't worry too much about the difficulty spike I whinge about. My thanks to commenter SeekerX for granting me closure, and now again for paving the way to unlocking the squirm bridge.

Vampire Survivors is 15% off until November 29th, so you can and should grab it for £3.40/$4.22/€4.24 on Steam.

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