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Stable Orbit Is A Space Station Simulator Set In 2034

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"Space, the final place we haven't fully explored." That's the tag line to popular television series Star Walks. But wouldn't it be good if YOU could go to space too? Well, here comes Stable Orbit [official site], a new realistic space station simulation set in the years after the International Space Station has been decommissioned. You've got the role as station commander and you have to build a working, plausible and non-lethal spacehouse out of different modules and resources. Come watch the trailer and look at pretty pictures of our stinking, melting planet.

It's being made by the lead PC programmer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Jim Offerman. Set in 2034, five years after the ISS has been yanked out of orbit, your new space station is being funded by a group of nice countries called the "All Nations Space Coalition". That's lovely. Above all, the game is aiming for a realistic feel and wants to educate players about the difficulties and challenges of being in a dangerous place, where humanity's worst foe, explosive decompression, is ever-present.

There's not much information yet as to how the game will actually function. Will it be like Kerbal Space Program without the Kerbals? It does seem like the design of your craft will follow the modular approach, as in reality, flying up with a shuttle and attaching new areas to your station bit by bit. We will have to wait until some time in October this year to find out more, because that's when the game is scheduled to hit early access.

In the meantime, here is a video that teaches you how different human laws apply in space. You know, in case a game about being a space lawyer gets announced too.

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