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Star Citizen Dev Team 200-Strong, Dogfighting In April

Wars in the general vicinity of the stars

Is it already time for more Star Citizen news here on Rock Citizen Stargun? My my, what a total and completely unexpected shock. For real, though, Chris Roberts has lifted his company's space-age, radiation-proof hood to reveal some rather interesting info, so let's talk about Wing Commander's $40 million little brother again, shall we? Today we have two orders of business: Star Citizen's dev team size (PREDICTABLY QUITE LARGE) and the long-awaited dogfighting module's release window. Hm, this article's headline already tells you both those things. I guess you can leave now.

Or go below for a bit more detail. Your call.

In his first ever Monthly Report, Chris Roberts did a bit of dissection work on his own dev team's structure:

"You may find it interesting to know that as of this moment there are 212 people working on Star Citizen between the internal and external studios and contractors! More people are working on this project than most AAA console titles, and it’s definitely the largest team to work on a Space Sim. These are jobs you have created!"

That is definitely a lot of people, though still fewer than one might expect of an MMO with galaxy-sized ambitions and a full-blown, cinematics-ridden single-player campaign. But with various teams scattered around the world focusing on different elements of the game, Roberts claims that he doesn't need as many people. His process, he believes, is far more efficient than traditional triple-A development.

We will have an opportunity to see how Star Citizen and Squadron 42's core elements are coming together soon, given that so-called "dogs" will begin "fighting" in April. Roberts plans to debut the module at a special "Citizens-only" event during PAX East and release it to backers online shortly after. Apparently it's already in a state where developers can now "regularly" play in the office, though server issues could still delay it again.

So there you have it. The Chris Roberts Orbital Fortress in the sky keeps on turning. Fingers crossed that we get to leave the hangar soon and join him out on the deck for some sexy, sexy spaceship battling. Or at least, like, shuffleboard.

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