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3, 2, 1: Star Citizen Dogfighting Module Blasts Off

Several multiplayer modes to fly in

Star Citizen's dream of Internet spaceships has made its real steps into the tangible with the release this week of the crowdfunded space sim's 'dogfighting module,' more formally known as Arena Commander. Backers can now blast off in their ships and blast each other, getting the first real idea of what the game that's so far raised $44 million might actually be like. The Arena Commander update brings deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and wave survival modes for online play, as well as a free-roaming mode. Spaceships, away!

If I sound a bit incredulous, it's because I'm still wrestling with it all. I've been astonished by the amounts I've seen people spend on virtual spaceships without having the slightest clue whether they'd even like the game. But it's their money, and they've certainly enjoyed months of imagining flying these spaceships. Even if Star Citizen had turned out pants, they'd still have got a lot of pleasure from their purchases, right? Maybe I'm a bit burnt out on personality-driven nostalgic crowdfunding.

Anyway, if you are a Star Citizen, you should download the manual which is just like the ones from the good old days, with adverts for in-game things and other games too. If you want to fly with a throttle and stick, Roberts Space Industries have layouts for a few popular sets.

If you're not already a backer but fancy having a crack now, I believe the cheapest way in is to buy this spaceship for $40 then an Arena Commander Pass for $5. I think. The store is so caught up in in-fiction selling spaceships that it neglects to simply say "this is a thing wot'll let you play now."

Go on, Star Citizens--tell us what it's like. Go on. Go on. Tell us. Go on. Tell us. Or I'll embed a trailer.

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