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Star Citizen free trial week blasts off

Blast off!

Space, man. Chris Roberts always wanted you to go into space, man. (Intergalactic Christ.) That's why the Wing Commander designer's shiny new space sim Star Citizen has launched a free trial week, inviting all and sundry to poke around and kick the tyres, seeing what they've done with six years of crowdfunding. These days, that includes flying spaceships, running spacemissions, spacemining, pootling around a planet with a big ol' city, and doing a little first-person face-shooting. The trial will run until Friday the 30th, so you've a while to download it all.

The trial is accompanied by a 'Free Fly Week', where all of the game's spaceships are available to try on different days. So it's also an up-sell opportunity for them, getting you hankering for one of the mega-fancy mega-expensive ships.

Head on over to the download page to get going. The installer is 100MB, then you're looking at 45GB-ish for all the files. You will need to register an account, of course.

Still no firm word yet on when Star Citizen or its singleplayer side-game Squadron 42 will launch. Developers Cloud Imperium Games have said they plan to reveal the roadmap to launch in December.

Star Citizen's crowdfunding cash recently passed $200 million (£156m) and dang! They are delivering more and more of what they planned, though I'm not sure enough of it is there yet--or interesting enough--to hook me. But you can't say they haven't been busy.

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