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Star Citizen Whomps Its Kickstarter Goal In Five Days

We have so much money. Not RPS - we're ragged paupers - but gamers as a whole. Publishers think we're all stealy-thieves, downloading cars and breaking into people's homes to steal their DVDs, but look at us! Money pouring out of our upstairs windows. We're forced to give it away, such that we don't drown in the stuff. And so it is that the Kickstarter phenomenon demonstrates this once more, as Star Citizen achieves its half million funding only five days into its month-long campaign. On, and that's on top of the $1.3m it's already raised elsewhere.

The Wing Commander guru, Chris Roberts, has garnered a lot of attention with his plans to create a new "space epic". Richard Cobbett took a good look at it before this fundraising started, and found many reasons to be very excited. Soon after the pledge-for-your-ship campaign began, with people paying money to secure their in-game flight, with a view to raise $2m. Within four days it had made three quarters of a million. Five days later Roberts adds on a Kickstarter to supplement this, and another five days brings us to today, with that half-million already in the bank. So at this point they're only ("only"!) $200,000 from home, and by all the new laws of the universe they're going to make it.

With 26 days left on the Kickstarter clock, it'd be a shock if this didn't finish closer to a million on its own. Meanwhile you can still reserve a ship to add to the 15,000 people who already have. And then eventually Chris Roberts will have so much money that he starts actually building all these spaceships for real, resulting in a galactic war. It's on your heads.

You can read Nathan's interview with Roberts too. And then you can fund my new project - Buy John A Castle Because He's Great.

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