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Star Citizen's new alpha does away with loads of safe zones

There are new ships that let you press all the buttons in the cockpit, too

Cloud Imperium's space-em-up MMO, Star Citizen, has got a new alpha build for players to muck around in, with changes that'll let you do more PvP. The Alpha 3.11 High Impact update is doing away with a load of the game's safe Armistice Zones, and is adding new spaceships, as well as a Halloween event running throughout October. It doesn't end there though, because on top of all that they've released a little teaser trailer for the upcoming singleplayer story game, Squadron 42, as well.

First up, this alpha build is getting rid of some of the safe Armistice Zones from a bunch of different areas, so players can partake in a spot of PvP combat when entering or leaving space stations. In a press release, the devs say this is "a major move to bring Star Citizen further in line with CIG’s vision for a realistic and immersive experience." Then there are new force reactions (the way guns and ships react to explosions and gravity), weapons, improved planetary art, more prison gameplay, and improvements to your inventory UI as well.

The High Impact update also includes three new Origin 100 series starter ships. The devs say these are "among the most fuel-efficient ships in class with elegant onboard living accommodations". Sounds pretty swish to me. They also say these ships have a more "physicalized dashboard", which basically means you can press all the buttons. I mean, truly, what good is a spaceship in which you can't mess with all the big shiny buttons?

The game has recently come under fire for not bringing in bigger features that have been promised for a few years now. In response to this, Star Citizen's director, Chris Roberts, took to the game's forums to reassure fans that what they're making "is not a pipe dream". And yet, this is an update that's supposed to be celebrating the game's eight birthday (so they say, but it's actually been eight years since the game was announced, not since it launched, so not really a birthday). Being able to press lots of buttons on a ship is fun, but likely not the most pressing thing on players' minds at the moment.

If you're interested in what's going on with Squadron 42, there's a short new teaser that takes you through the Aciedo Space Station. It's one of the first important areas you'll see in the campaign, and the developers are releasing another video tomorrow at 9am PDT (or 5pm BST) on their YouTube channel to give a more in-depth look at it.

As for the Halloween celebrations, the spook month event is currently taking place from now until October 31st. During that time, players can nab some Halloween-themed gear, and take part in the game's cosplay and pumpkin carving competitions.

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