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Star Wars Battlefront 2's update aims to fix progression

Loot Skywalker

Keeping up with what the heck is going on with Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a tall order. The first-person shooter is now inextricably linked to the loot crate debate and the subsequent temporary removal of microtransactions, though the change did little to improve the game's reputation. The developers are still trying though: ahead of tomorrow’s season of content themed around The Last Jedi, DICE has pushed out an update that tackles the game's main bugbears, the economy and progression. The good news is that the focus seems to be on giving players more rewards, but the process is ongoing.

At the moment, three things have been tweaked. The payout at the end of a round has been increased. Credit rewards have been increased across the board, but particularly for players who performed extremely well, aiming their guns at the enemy rather than, say, the wall next to them, like most Stormtroopers. The Arcade mode credit cap has also been expanded by 1500 credits, so you can earn three times the amount of space dosh. Finally, you should find more crafting materials in your daily login crates, and that’s me just remembering that there’s a convoluted crafting system and gosh, what a nightmare. Down with rubbish crafting systems and other silly nonsense.

Anyway, on the surface this sure seems like a big improvement, and aside from the daily login crate, there’s no mention of loot crates or microtransactions, but this saga has been such a mess that I wouldn’t take anything at face value. This is also, according to EA and DICE, only the tip of the iceberg, and larger changes will be coming.

Onto tomorrow! The Last Jedi is a movie you’ll be able to devour with your hungry eyes soon, so Battlefront 2 is showing it some love with a season of new stuff. You’ll be able to play as Moses from Attack the Block and Jaime Lannister’s pal, as well as flitting around in new vehicles inspired by the latest trilogy.

Since DICE forgot to finish the story of Battlefront 2, you’ll also be able to jump back into the shoes of Iden Versio and spend some more time with the campaign in the new chapters. That’s not coming until the December 13, however.

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