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Star Wars Battlefront Visiting Cloud City This Month

Carbonite trap pls

I adore traps in multiplayer levels. Give me an opportunity to dunk foes into lava, lure them onto landmines, squish them in machinery, or otherwise get ridiculous environmental kills and I'll be there, lurking by the button. Very few people ever fall for traps, of course, but those rare kills are always worth the wait. So if the next Star Wars Battlefront [official site] doesn't let players freeze their foes in carbonite for a tacky wall-hanging, I'll be mighty disappointed.

Battlefront is blasting off to Bespin and its fabulous Cloud City in the next DLC add-on, which EA have announced will debut later this month for Season Pass buyers.

As is customary for Battlefront DLC, the Bespin expansion will bring new maps, weapons, star cards, modes, and all that. Also new hero characters: Lando Calrissian and Dengar. Yeah, I had to look Dengar up on Wookieepedia too. Apparently he's a bounty hunter who joined the hunt for Han Solo after being called away from a Halloween party where he wore a toilet paper mummy costume.

Here's the official blurb:

"Join legendary smuggler Lando Calrissian and cold-blooded bounty hunter Dengar in the Cloud City of Bespin. Take to the skies in the new cloud car vehicle and journey through Cloud City and the Administrator’s Palace. The Bespin digital expansion will feature two new blasters to add to your arsenal. No matter your preference of short or long range combat, there will be something new to try out in Cloud City. Hunt enemies within the Bioniip Laboratories or carbon-freezing chambers with the new X-8 Night Sniper and EE-4 blasters."

Cloud City seems like it'd be a pleasant place to fly around but... did you see that? They mention "carbon-freezing chambers". Surely this will happen. It must. It can't not.

Season Pass holders will get to lark about with Bespin from June 21st, while other folks will need to wait two weeks to buy and play it. It's such a petty policy, that waiting period, especially when the DLC packs cost £11.99/$14.99 each. And considering that Battlefront ditched singleplayer to launch alongside the new movie. Grumble grumble.

Battlefront is on sale right now, by the way, down to £16.66 on Origin. That's half the price of the DLC season pass, also on sale.

Anyway! This is still, no word of a lie, my favourite moment in any Star Wars game:

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