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There Will Be A Bargain: The Humble Star Wars Bundle


Hey cats, it's hip to like Star Wars again rather than feeling dirty every time it's mentioned. Of course, once JJ Abrams releases two hours of lens flare and nonsensical deus ex machinas it will be deeply uncool to like Star Wars again, so make hay while the sun shines. Star Wars videogames certainly are: first we get GoG re-releasing a bunch of previously out-of-print titles, and how the latest Humble Bundle is all about games from A Long Time Ago. For whatever you want to pay, you get KOTOR, Jedi Knight 3 and Dark Forces, which ain't a bad set. There are more games if you want to pay more, but Republic credits are no good out here.

So, beat the average- currently 11 bucks and change and you get KOTOR 2, the surprisingly great shooter Republic Commando and the so-so multiplayer pew-pew of Battlefront 2. Stump up $12 and you get punished by two Force Unleashed games and the mostly OK RTS Empire At War.

You probably have most of this stuff in your Steam library from some sale or another, but if you somehow missed out on the landmark Knights of the Old Republic, this is pretty much as close to free as it gets, I guess.

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