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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Oggdo Bogdo boss fight guide - how to beat Oggdo Bogdo with ease

The Bogdo-est of the Oggdos

Oggdo Bogdo appears to be giving a lot of new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order players quite a bit of trouble. As the first true boss that Cal can come across during his journey, Oggdo Bogdo quickly ramps up the difficulty with some devastating lunge and tongue attacks. But stick by our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Oggdo Bogdo boss fight guide, and you'll walk away without even a scratch.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Oggdo Bogdo guide

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Oggdo Bogdo boss guide - Oggdo Bogdo Databank entry

Where to find Oggdo Bogdo

Oggdo Bogdo is to be found only a short way into Bogano. Once you reach the second Save Point (the one in front of a large metal door), you must instead head to the right of the door, where you'll find a series of pipes to tightrope walk across.

Don't go down the pipe that leads you through the spinning blades - instead, head down the pipe to the right. Follow that path and you'll enter a small cave where the ceiling is held up by numerous metal struts. Head between the struts and you'll enter a clearing where Oggdo Bogdo is waiting for you, a great big toothy smile spread across his lizard face.

How to beat Oggdo Bogdo boss fight

Oggdo Bogdo is a big ol' reptile, and for those unaccustomed to this kind of combat in a game, he can be quite a handful. But there are a couple of important things to bear in mind with this particular boss, that will make the fight a complete cakewalk. As you can see from the above footage, I defeated this boss on my second attempt without any damage on Jedi Master difficulty; so I believe I have a good idea of how to utterly eviscerate this particular Jedi: Fallen Order boss.

Oggdo Bogdo only has two attacks that aren't unblockable: the first is when he takes his front paws off the ground and slams them and bites forward; and the second is when he opens his mouth wide and tilts his head before biting forward twice in quick succession. Both these attacks are very easy to deflect, and he doesn't follow them up with any other attacks.

If you deflect either of these attacks he'll be momentarily stunned, allowing you to get one or two lightsaber hits in (if you're playing on Grandmaster difficulty, it might be best to play it safe with just one hit at a time).

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Oggdo Bogdo head-tilt

The rest of Oggdo Bogdo's attacks are unblockable, and they can all be avoided with a timely roll to the side, after which you can get at least one (and often two) hits in while he's recovering. But make sure it is a roll that you use and not a simple sidestep, because this Oggdo is a big bastard and his hitbox is slightly janky at times, so even if you think you've avoided the attack, you might still get hit. Best to play it safe.

The most challenging of these unblockables is the lunge which Oggdo Bogdo telegraphs ahead of time by puffing his cheeks out. This one actually waits a half-second longer than the other unblockables before attacking, which means it's quite easy to dodge away too early and be punished for it (this is a one-shot-kill on Grandmaster difficulty, so definitely watch out for this cheek-puffing move and learn to hesitate a fraction longer than usual before dodging).

Don't pay any attention to this idea of cutting the tongue, because that'll just complicate matters and encourage you to overextend. Instead, just stick to the simple gameplan of rolling or deflecting his single attacks before getting a couple of good hits in.

It only takes 20 ordinary hits with your lightsaber to kill this boss, and if you just get the rolls and deflects down, then you can have the entire fight over and done with in less than a minute. His moves are all telegraphed well ahead of time, and there's no stringing together of attacks to watch out for - it's actually very simple once you get into the rhythm of "block, hit, hit, roll, hit, hit". Play it safe, don't get greedy, and you'll walk away triumphant before you know it.

But if this is all still a little much for you, don't worry! It might be best for you to head over to our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order combat guide, which will give you a solid foundation upon which you can build your skills as a Jedi. Then come back here and give old three-eyed tongue-grabber what for!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Oggdo Bogdo walkthrough

And that's really all there is to defeating the legendary Oggdo Bogdo on any difficulty level! But that's not all we have on Jedi: Fallen Order, not by a long shot. Whether you're after tips on another boss, or you're looking to understand another aspect of this extensive game, be sure to check out our guide series below.

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