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Star Wars: Squadrons is free on the Epic Games Store for a week from today

The next free Epic Games Store games are RPG In A Box and Fort Triumph

It’s that time of the week again, when the Epic Games Store reveal what new games they’ll be giving away for free next Thursday. If you haven’t jumped on it straight away, then you can nab EA Motive’s decent sci-fi dogfighting sim Star Wars: Squadrons for precisely nowt until December 1st. Starting from December 1st, you’ll have the opportunity to claim game creation tool RPG In A Box and fantasy turn-based strategy Fort Triumph.

James had a go with some unusual controllers at EGX recently.

As I noted last week, Squadrons is a bit of a banger for a recent Star Wars game. RPG In A Box, however, is a game-maker from solo dev Justin Arnold. It does exactly what you’d imagine from the name, letting you design your own RPG in a voxel-based editor without needing to have any coding skills or modelling experience (that last one doesn’t sound quite right). Grid-based maps can be rustled up by placing tiles, and you can slot in NPCs and objects where you want with events scripted using the drag-and-drop editor. Combat’s a choice of tactical turn-based, real-time, or menu-based, covering most of those classic RPG stalwarts. You can export your gaming creations for Windows, Linux, and MacOS, so other people won’t need a copy of RPG In A Box to play them.

Fort Triumph is a mix of XCOM-style turn-based combat and the exploration of Heroes Of Might And Magic. The whole thing’s a bit of a parody of fantasy but your characters could be wiped out permanently, which is never a laughing matter. Fort Triumph’s map is procedurally generated, and you can use parts of the surroundings such as trees and boulders for weapons. There are four factions to choose amongst, and four classes to experiment with. Although you’ll be exploring and fighting bad guys, there’s also base-building and resource gathering to think about to keep your band of heroes well stocked for their adventures.

You can grab Star Wars: Squadrons until December 1st. RPG In A Box and Fort Triumph will be going free for a week from December 1st until December 8th on the Epic Games Store.

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