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Jabba's Hut: SWTOR Getting Player Housing

Space hoarders

Sometimes I take a story because it matters - because I'm all rip-roaring and fired up about change and subtext and gravel-voiced men yammering at each other for reasons. Videogame reasons. Other times, it's for the headline gag. This one is absolutely the latter. Star Wars: The Old Republic - which I haven't played since The Old Republic was still a A New-ish (And Not Yet Free-To-Play) Republic - is adding player housing. That's kind of exciting... I guess? Trailer in the Rancor pit beneath these words.

BioWare's not offering much in the way of details at the moment, but I do hope player homes end up being more than glorified tool sheds.

We've now reached the part in the article where I inevitably start pining for Star Wars Galaxies, because seriously how great was it just kicking back in your over-furnished living room in some random ditch on Tatooine? That's the dream right there. I'm not sure whose dream, but I was living it. And yeah, the system (like basically everything else in pre-NGE SWG) was far from perfect, but it gave rise to entire neighborhoods and towns. They were usually abandoned, but I still felt like part of an actual, semi-functioning society. Sometimes.

I guess what I'm saying is, I hope BioWare's not just adding player housing for the sake of saying, "Woohoo, we've got player housing!" Make the world support it, bulldoze creakier structures and systems to make way for the fantasy of living in a place. The Old Republic disappointed a lot of people because it decided to be a series of pre-written adventures in a cardboard cut-out Star Wars backdrop instead of that expansive universe we all imagined while watching the original movies. Maybe this is kinda, sorta a skywalk in the right direction? I have no clue, and honestly I stopped having high hopes for SWTOR a long, long time ago.

Who's still playing these days? Anything new or crazy that'd make it worth revisiting?

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