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StarCraft II+Modders+Techno = StarCraft MMO

This mod serves two purposes.
1) It makes StarCraft II into an MMO, which quite naturally is to be known as World of StarCraft.
2) If it gets taken down really, really quickly that means we've got proof Blizzard is working on their own StarCraft MMO after all! Probably. Maybe. Probably not.

They're probably not, or at least there's been no evidence to suggest it - all we know about MMO 2 is that it's probably a new concept and that it might be called Titan.

So, presuming we're not due World of StarCraft anytime soon, a group of modders have gotten together on an SC2 forum and started proof-of-concepting their own MMO, created with the game's famously flexible Galaxy Editor.

Obviously it's a long, long, long way from release, and I'm not entirely convinced something of full MMO scale can be made without oodles of cash, but they're certainly on top of the combat. They've even got the fighting and the xp-earning semi-rigged up for the Ghost class already. How so? Like so:

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Other than techno, here's what the Ghost, a DPS/close combat class, has going for her and the current status of it all:

Slot 1: Auto-Attack: Ghost Rifle
Slot 2: Vital Shot (Snipe ) - Aim at a vital point on enemy target placing a debuff that cause bonus damage to following attacks for a short time. Builds Combo Points. Cool-down length of debuff. 7 second CD.
Slot 3: Ambush (Assassinate) - Used from Stealth, Instantly exits Stealth dealing bonus damage. If target is under 10% Health, attack deals severe damage. 15 second CD.
Slot 4: Smoke Bomb (Incomplete)
Slot 5: High Powered Round (Incomplete)
Slot 6: Gut Shot (Incomplete)
Slot 7: Head Shot (Incomplete)
Slot 8: Ammo Master Toggle (Incomplete)
Slot 9: Dominate: Toggle Ability. Takes control of target unit and can be commanded as a pet. Rapidly drains energy while toggled on. 40 second CD.
Slot 10: EMP. Fires electromagnetic projectile at target enemy dealing AOE energy damage and depleting shields. 20 second CD.
Slot 11: Cloak. Enters stealth mode undetected by normal enemy units, decreases movement speed by 33%. 25 second CD. Rapidly drains energy while on.
Slot 12: Spec Ops Bomb (Nuke) - Aim at a point for a short amount of time to call a Spec Ops Bomber to bomb the area. 60 second CD

More generally, here's a mocked-up character selection screen - very much in the vein of WoW's, and gives a few good looks at the other classes:

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The modders are looking for both hands-on help and a spot of brainstorming, so head to their forum for more info and to offer your hands and/or mind.

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