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StarCrawlers Trailer Has Turn-Based Spaceship Crawling

Like dungeon crawling, but in space

StarCrawlers is Legend of Grimrock in a spaceship: a first-person, grid-based, procedurally generated party-RPG with turn-based combat against robotic enemies onboard derelict spaceships, interspersed with choose-your-own-adventure plot progression and environment puzzles. *gaaaaasp* Sorry, that was a lot of adjectives.

When I last wrote about it, it was halfway towards a Kickstarter goal it would eventually almost double. Now there's a new trailer below, released ahead of the game's showing at PAX, and it beats through all the adjectives I just listed above only with pictures. Moving pictures.

I've realised recently how much I like the rhythm of turn-based tactics games - XCOM, et al. - and how much of the appeal for me is the chance to spend time with a cast of characters who seem like friends, hang out together, and change over the course of the game. The trailer above gives me warm-feelings in my stomach, and flavour-text like "Their master defeated, the DogBots are enraged!" is only helping.

StarCrawlers is aiming to enter Early Access in November, and there's more detail waiting for your eyes at the game's site.

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