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Stardew Valley 1.11 Tweaks New Farm Maps


Stardew Valley [official site] received a big ol' update last Monday, adding everything from new farm landscapes to new farm buildings and new farm divorces. A new patch followed up on Friday afternoon and while it's not massive, it is worth pointing out. If you've been considering starting a new farm on one of the new plots, see, you might be interested to hear that they've been fiddled with a bit. Not huge, but useful to know.

So! Stardew Valley 1.1 brought four new farm maps, all quite different to the original one. The Forest Farm has lots of trees and things, Hill-top is a rocky place with mineral deposits, Wilderness spawns monsters to fight at night, and Riverland has, y'know, lots of water. They're all slanted towards a particular activity or interest, ideal for people who've played a lot and might fancy returning somewhere new. But some of them had problems, including a crash on the Wilderness farm. As the version 1.11 patch notes explain, that bug is fixed, now all new maps have somewhere to fish, and the bushes on some plots can be chopped down.

Though I don't know why you wouldn't go straight for the Riverland farm. Have you SEEN all that water? Mate, who has to farm or romance when there's water to stare at?

As for patch 1.1 at large, if you've not seen it, do check out the hefty changelog and this little trailer:

It's a biggun, that patch.

Have you started over with 1.1? Or returned? You've started over on the Riverland farm, haven't you. Sure, the islands and bridges are a bit of a nuisance but: water.

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