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Starfield's latest developer video dives into its music

Soundtrack to the stars

Starfield continues to dribble out making-of videos, in which its developers at Bethesda sit and chat about the elements of their next mega RPG. The latest video is focused on sound and music, with composer Inon Zur and audio director Mark Lampert talking about building the audioscapes for an interstellar adventure.

Normally I watch these videos with the sole purpose of sniffing out any little detail about what you actually do in Starfield. Given this is about audio and not art or story or design, it's a little harder to find those gameplay prizes from the bottom of the video cereal packet.

It's still an interesting video, anyway. Zur and Lampert are both Bethesda veterans - Zur worked on the score for Fallout 3, 4 and 76 - and they talk about their process. Working on the score apparently starts as early as work on the concept art, with the main theme being created first in order to help set the style and tone for the years of work that follows.

Previous videos on Starfield have spoken about its quest structure, its factions, its companions, its romances, its "stepping out" moments. We've still seen next to nothing of the game in action, however. If you, like me, are hungry for every little morsel, check out our page on everything we know about Starfield. It surely can't be long before we see more of it, given it's due for release on November 11th of this year.

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