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Stargate Worlds - A Gated Community

The best bit about the Stargate movie (no, seriously, there is a best bit) is when all the soldiers are running around the pillars under some Egyptianesque building. Every time they get to a pillar they press their backs against it and "cha-chunk" their big rifles. Next pillar, "cha-chunk". Pillar after that, "cha-chunk". The amount of live ammunition lying all over the floor in that room must have been a hazard. And that is definitely the best bit in that film. Apart from trying to guess if that baddy is a boy or a girl. Fortunately this is unlikely to have an influence on the MMO Stargate Worlds, for which there is a trailer below.

I've never watched much of Stargate SG1, but my dad does, and when I'm in town I can't help but notice that it has MacGuyver in it, which does appear to be an excellent thing. Although he didn't seem to be building aeroplanes out of twigs, which was disappointing. I think what I'm trying to express here is that I haven't the faintest idea about Stargate. Although I do know that its last televised incarnation, Atlantis, has just been cancelled. Which possibly isn't great timing for the tie-in game.

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After the fly-bys, I did get that awfully familiar feeling that seems to accompany the sight of many new MMOs. But I've got a feeling this might have something to do with their presenting it as a single-player game in these clips, which is an odd choice. Where's the bustle?! The possibilities for an MMO where using Stargates can transport you to wildly different locations do seem great, and hopefully they'll nail an emphasis on shooty-guns a lot better than Tabula Rasa. There's no hurry on this one, set for 2009, but nothing more specific than that.

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