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Have you played… Startopia?

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The Last Great Management Game, at least of their first generation. (I’m not counting Dwarf Fortress, because Dwarf Fortress is so much more than that). A team partially composed of ex-Bullfrog guys was inevitably behind it, because that long-lost studio was very much the Lucasarts of management games, and if anything it shot for the stars even more than any Molyneux-led offering from that genre ever did. It’s just that Startopia quietly got on with it, I suppose.

Startopia lacked the immediacy of Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper; it’s a slower-burn game, and particularly its construction doesn’t quite manage the clicky-satisfaction of its better-remembered predecessors. I think that’s a natural, even worthwhile consequence of being far more invested in what it was actually simulating, rather than approaching it from a position of broad-strokes and comedy.

Startopia’s about running and expanding a working space station, full of aliens with different needs and different attitudes, all floating in a tin can.

It never loses sight of that latter, even as the management aspect grows frantic: Startopia’s camera, allowing you to pull out and see everything, remains a rare and precious thing. I’d do unspeakable things for a VR mod, I think.

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