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State Of Decay 2 revisiting the first game's map in a free update

Everything old is new again, again

Undead Labs did not come to Gamescom with news on the next game in their zombie survival sandbox series. No, they announced State Of Decay 3 in July 2020 with no information then fell silent on the topic. But Microsoft do have new news on old things. In a free update for State Of Decay 2, they're revisiting and revising Trumbull Valley, the original map from the original game. Everything old is new again. Or in this case, new again, again.

State of Decay 2 has visited Trumbull Valley before, back in 2019 with a standalone story DLC named Heartland. This time, Microsoft say, players will return to it as "a fully remastered, open-world playable map". They say the new version reflects the passage of time, with new developments in the area, new characters and storylines to discover, old plot threads to resolve, and new bases, missions, and cheevos, and unique weapons and outfits.

The return will come as part of the Homecoming update on September 1st. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something goo. Like rot. Goo from rotting. Like a zombie. Which is dead. That's why it's rotting. Because it's a corpse.

Our former boy Brendy's State Of Decay 2 review in 2018 said the base-building survival sandbox "feels like a massive To Do list" and not one that's fun to clear. Undead Labs have kept working on it since then, mind, fixing and adding and tweaking lots with updates and the Juggernaut Edition overhaul. What's the game like these days, gang?

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