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Reanimated: State Of Decay Revamped For Rerelease

Discount for owning the original

When our Adam asked "Have You Played... State of Decay?" he noted that the open-world zombie survive 'em up had become a lot better in the year since its release, thanks largely to its 'Breakdown' DLC. What we here at RPS have apparently neglected to mention so far is that developers Undead Labs are revamping State of Decay for a prettied-up rerelease with its DLC bundled in as the Year One Survival Edition. Oh! Well, they are. And now they've announced a release date. Unfortunately, it won't come as an upgrade, only sold separately.

Still, if you don't own the original, this new version like a fine jumping-on point. Developers Undead Labs say in the release date announcement post that it brings:

-The original game and both DLC packs remastered in 1080p. Lighting, textures, the works.
–New animations and overhauled combat mechanics.
–New weapons, new vehicle, new mission type.
–New playable characters (BRING IT ON, SASQUATCH).
–30 minutes of new music from Jesper Kyd.
–The facility goodness from Lifeline is now available game-wide.

They say it'll land in the USA on April 28th then everywhere else on May 1st, though that's talking about a console retail release so who knows what'll happen with downloads? No oceans and all that. It'll cost $29.99 (£20), though I'm not sure if that's just the Xbox price or PC too. For folks who already own the original, Undead Labs are working out a discount, which looks like it might be 33% off.

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State of Decay

Xbox 360, PC

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