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Steam Bun: Sims 3 Ultimate Bundle On Steam

I wasn't going to post about this, but here I am posting about it. I wish I understood my mind. Sometimes it's like I have a hedgehog inside my skull with whom I am not friends. So this weekend The Sims 3 and every single expansion to date appeared on Steam, and not only that, Steam are currently hosting a 50% off sale on the Ultimate edition (containing The Sims 3 plus the World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, High-End Loft Stuff and Fast Lane Stuff expansions). Yes! So instead of paying £115 you merely pay £57.50. Hm. I think I'll be keeping my money, but I've deposited some thoughts on this plus the launch trailer for Late Night after the jump.

This is a more interesting development than you might think. The reason The Sims wasn't on Steam prior to this was because of Electronic Arts' faithful supporting of their own store. After all, The Sims 3 was always going to sell like Hell's hotcakes. Why let Valve take a chunk of the profit?

The fact that EA have now gone ahead and allowed The Sims 3 to appear on Steam could probably be seen as a sign of not exactly surrender, but certainly acceptance of the importance of Valve's delivery system. Can we take this to meann that EA will be releasing The Sims Medieval concurrently on both Steam and their own store? That'd certainly be a coup for Valve.

And now, some grainy footage of implied sexiness.

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