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Your Doodles Are Bugged Infects Steam

Sitting somewhere between Crayon Physics Deluxe and Lemmings, Your Doodles Are Bugged is a crayon-drawing game in which you guide a gang of bugs toward a pot of honey. It's previously been popular on the XBox Live Arcade, and has just been released on Steam today. I've had a very quick go.

It's an odd one. Playing it, I really haven't fallen in love. In fact, I've fallen in quite a lot of irritation. The bugs have AI that compels them to seek out paths toward the honey, which you provide by drawing lines all over the screen. But I've yet to figure out exactly why they sometimes follow and sometimes don't.

The most frequently annoying situation is watching one bug merrily jump up the path I've created for it and landing in the honey, and then seeing the rest all prance around and ignore the exact same route. Why was it good enough for him?

The pacing also seems peculiarly off. There's no way to speed things up enough that you're not left staring at the creatures hopping inanely toward a goal you've already solved - the fast-forward on offer seems just about fast enough for a default play speed. And there's a paucity of PC options in the port - absolutely no choices for resolution, let alone an option for playing in a window to avoid its crashing during alt-tabbing.

£7 is a great price, and admittedly I've played very little of it. Many will find the hand-drawn design cute, and the core idea is a splendid one. But I'd really prefer to see a more optimised PC version, and some more understandable logic for the bug AI. Here's a trailer so you can see it for yourself:

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