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Steam Survival Fest starts stockpiling demos and discounts today

Grab your wallet and keys, it’s about to get real

It’s August! How did humanity manage to get ourselves to this point in the year? Well, Valve are celebrating with Steam Survival Fest from today through until August 8th, so good job for stocking up on all those cans of beans and endless loo roll. Although they do increasingly seem to be making trailers for these things, there isn’t one yet, so here’s vid bud Liam trying to claw back his three quid for survival horror Refund Me If You Can instead.

Liam's attempt at besting survival horror Refund Me If You Can is worth watching to the end.

It’s a familiar routine by now: download plenty of demos and peruse the latest discounts on games. This time around, it’s all about survival games, obvs. Steam say that includes some survival horror and open-world crafting games along with your average survive ‘em ups. That’s as long as they’re mostly focused on the survival of the player. You’ll be able to check out what’s on offer when the storefront page for Survival Fest goes live later on today.

The Survival Fest will also be showing off some upcoming releases from the genre. Valve are increasingly staging these mini fests around their regular Next Fest events. Last month saw the first Steam VR Fest, which may have tested your ability to not die by tripping over your dog and impaling yourself on the potted cactus in the corner.

Steam Survival Fest begins today, August 1st, on Steam at 5pm BST/6pm CEST/10am PST. Make sure to pack your emergency whistle.

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