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The Charmingest Adventure Game: 39 Days to Mars

Space steampunk adventure

We call this an RPS slam-dunk: 39 Days to Mars is a charming, 2D indie adventure game about a pair of steampunk scientists rocketing off into space in 1876, just 3 years after the formation of this very website. The art is simplistic and striking, with black and white inscriptions on a parchment-coloured background. It's got an (absolutely gorgeous) orchestral piano soundtrack for God's sake! This would only be more perfect if the Kickstarter was still running, so you could grab the whole thing for very slightly over a pound from solo coder Philip Buchanan. Sadly it's not out until 2015, but there's a trailer below where you'll get to see what I mean about the soundtrack.

Basically stop whatever you're doing and slam the album that track is from on. I haven't been this calm since just before I opened Twitter after beating Mass Effect 3.

Which helps to contain the anger that it'll still be at least six months until we can get our disgustingly fleshy hands on it. Philip runs a blog, updating once every fortnight, the latest post of which explains as much. There's also a note in there to say the game's up on Greenlight. He's also written about his artwork and animation changes and how he puts all that together.

The original Kickstarter pitch is worth a gander too, giving off a few more details:

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