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Steam's Lunar New Year Sale has begun

Mind you, actual Chinese New Year doesn't start until tomorrow

As the Year of the Rat ends, the Year of the Ox begins - and so marks the beginning of Steam's Lunar New Year Sale. Between now and February 15th, thousands of games are discounted on Valve's storefront. Mind you, actual Chinese New Year doesn't start until tomorrow, but it's nice to celebrate a bit early (especially when those celebrations involve buying lotsa games you might've missed for cheap).

If your pockets are still a little light from last month's Steam Winter Sale, that's OK, you could just look at the Lunar New Year Sale purely for the lovely Ox-themed artwork. There are free animated Ox stickers to get on each day of the sale, if you're into that, but the background art alone is a great spread of pinks and purples.

After a quick glance around, there are a handful of interesting deals. Everyone's favourite game of 2021, Hades, is 20% off, for example. Outer Wilds, everyone's favourite game of the year before is 40% off. We'll have a post of more substantial recommendations tomorrow, no doubt.

The same runs from today through until February 15th, 6pm GMT/10am PT/1pm ET.

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