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Steam's new-look Library is now in open beta

See the future!

Valve are preparing a new look for the digital shelves storing your games, expanding the client's Library view with more information on game updates and what your pals are up to. Basically they're repainting the digital shelves and tucking an iPad between your fiction and poetry sections. Excellent metaphor, Alice. Valve are looking to test the new Steam Library before rolling it out to everyone, so you can now opt into the open beta to see for yourself.

The new Library landing page gives a quick look at recent updates, recently-played games, games yer pals have been playing, and collections you've sorted games into. Currently/previously, the Library opens on whichever game page you last left it on. Now, you'll have more of a sense of what's going on with your games and chums. Games can also push 'events' into the library feed to gab about this and that beyond updates (which are different to the existent Community events which pop up notifications). Individual game pages are overhauled too.

See Valve's New Steam Library page for more on the changes with pictures aplenty.

To get into the open beta and see it all for yourself, go into Steam's Settings box and look for the beta participation section. Detailed instructions are here.

Our Graham recently went to see the new Steam Library while Valve's Alden Kroll gabbed about it and other things afoot with Steam. It's a nice step on Steam's journey but not a large one, the big man thought.

"Kroll said that – particularly with the Steam Labs work – their goal is to make the act of browsing, finding and organising games entertaining. I'm certainly looking forward to futzing around with the new experiments when they launch tomorrow, and having a more attractive library to use later this month. Still, I hope for bigger and bolder changes from Steam in the months ahead."

Valve, please make Steam give me a nice long nap. That'd be nice.

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