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SteelRising gets a new trailer to show its French Revolution robot combat

French Robolution?

We've seen a handful of videos of SteelRising already. The new game from middling RPG specialists Spiders is set during an alternate history 18th century Paris, one filled with robots. It's a setting that lets you write fun sentences, like explaining that you play as Aegis, the automaton bodyguard for Marie Antoinette.

Below is the first time we've seen the game's combat in action, though.

Aside: 'Spiders' remains the best name of any videogame development studio. For example, this combat video was shown during tonight's Nacon Connect and was introduced by Jehanne Rousseau, who gets to say things like, "Hello, I'm Jehanne Rousseau, the president of Spiders." I'm going to start a company of my own so I can tell people I'm CEO of crayfish.

That aside aside, I'm not sure what conclusions to draw from the trailer. I like the look of its steampunk robots, and the silliness of fighting against the murderbot army of King Louis XVI. The combat itself didn't wow me - it seemed like fairly typical slashing-dodging-jumping fare, and slightly clunkier than you'd find elsewhere.

"Slightly clunkier than" may as well be an alternate name for Spiders. Their last game, GreedFall, was a step forward, but still felt like a company grasping towards BioWare and falling far short. The Technomanaver, Mars: War Logs (fun to say), and Of Orcs And Men all sat in a similar space of "hey it's like X but not as good, aka W."

But hey, maybe SteelRising will be different. It's up on Steam and is aiming for release in June 2022.

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