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Steelrising's new gameplay trailer shows off more fights with metallic monstrosities

There's a murderous grandfather clock

Robo-revolutionary Soulslike Steelrising left me impressed when I played its opening hours not too long ago. So much so, I thought it was a homage to Bloodborne's best bits. And at today's Nacon Connect, developers Spiders unveiled a new trailer which shows ballerina-turned-bodyguard Aegis fight off some metallic monstrosities, mixed in with a bit of parkour. Seriously, I'm excited for this one.

There's a lot of scrapping in this trailer, across a number of the game's early locations. Most notably, lots of areas surrounding the Louvre which you'll explore once during the day, then backtrack through when you've got the grapple hook. This lets you prod previously inaccessible areas, by swinging up to warped balconies or precarious ledges. And when you're being started on by a nasty robot, you can slap 'em down with it too, as it extends like a whip from your shoe.

If there's one thing that drives this game, it's absolutely the combat. It's filled with combos that are simple to execute, encourages you to get creative with bombs and potions, and features plenty of cool fights against zany androids. It definitely leans more into Nioh than it does Dark Souls.

Oh, and I'm big into the grandfather clock-looking fella who slings a jagged slice of metal at you with a chain. I can already tell he's going to give me trouble.

Steelrising is due out on 8th September on Steam. It'll also be on your Playstations and Xboxes. A beta is going live on 25th August for those who pre-order the game too.

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