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Roguelikelike Space Shooty-Shoots: Stellar Announced

Customise your ship with enemy tech

Space! The big black beyond, they call it. Ol' black-eye. The starry bedspread. Glitterville. Imagine exploring those depths, venturing into the unknown, and murdering the heck out of everyone you find there so you can rule everything. What a sweetie you are. That's Stellar, a roguelikelike arcade shooter about zapping aliens and stealing their technology to become better at zapping aliens. Developers Dog Eat Dog Games announced it yesterday and are planning a 2016 blastoff, so this here trailer's what we have to look at for now:

That's it, see? Those are things you do in the game. Or if you require enticement before dedicating your time to trailer-watching, here, I'll recap. Stellar goes down in a procedural galaxy scattered with hundreds of planets, asteroids, and other space bits, as well as alien races. Your mission is to murder them all because reasons.

While exploration parts are in 3D, you can shift combat to a 2D plane for arcadey space shoot 'em up zap-zaps. I think 3D combat is also an option, but hey, I'm just reading the same stuff as you. Exploding alien bosses lets you yoink their tech to customise your own ship with new weapons and tech, and hundreds of ships are unlockable. And then you kill things better and conquer more planets and win the game the end.

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