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English Country Tune Dev Serves Stephen's Sausage Roll

Sizzlingly fiendish

English Country Tune and PuzzleScript developer Stephen 'increpare' Lavelle today released his latest block-pushing puzzler, Stephen's Sausage Roll [official site]. It's a push 'em up about rolling sausages around to cook them properly under increasingly tricky circumstances. He's also the Stephen 'increpare' Lavelle who's released squillions of fascinating free games like Subway Adventure and Slave of God, of course, but strewth, don't go thinking his fondness for vignettes means his puzzles aren't fiendish/delightful/bastard-hard.

Stephen's Sausage Roll is a puzzler about rolling sausages around levels onto grills with a big fork to cook them on both sides without burning your meat. Simple enough. Sokoban-y stuff, yeah? Only... new systems and principles for the movement of sausages keep revealing themselves, making it an ever-more-complex game.

Our John went out to play a little then came storming back into the RPS treehouse, slamming doors and yelling that he doesn't even want a sausage anyway. I think he's given up, like with English Country Tune. I believe Pip's been looking forward to Sausage Roll and might have something to say later, but in the meantime The Guardian and Destructoid both seem real into it. As is The Witness's puzzlelord J. Blo.

Stephen's Sausage Roll is out now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, £22.99/27,99€/$29.99 on Steam or £21.99 with a DRM-free version as well as a Steam key from the Humble Store. Yes, this trailer does very carefully avoid giving away anything about how Stephen's Sausage Roll works:

[Disclosure: Stephen's a friend of a friend and he once helped me staple fake flowers to a log cabin and I once killed a basil plant he gave someone but we're not close and spelling this distance out is awkward, jeez.]

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