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Still Alive: Audiosurf on Steam

News reaches us, courtesy of our comrades at PC Gamer, that Audiosurf will be available to pre-order on Steam from later today, with the full version available on Friday for those who fancy canoodling with a Game as a Valentines day come-down. Also, it'll come with Valve pop hits like Still Alive, TF2's retro-jingles and the electro-bleeps of Half-life 2. And, tech-watchers should note, it's the first game including the Steamworks tech.

Our love for Audiosurf remains undimmed since Jim looked at it a few weeks ago. Having played most of the IGF grand finalists, my position is that while World of Goo is the best game per se and probably should be the winner and Crayon Physics is simply the most magical, Audiosurf will make the most money. Getting on Steam's a good start for making that prediction come true, yeah? Oh - and PCG have an interview with creator Dylan Fitterer too...

In it he talks about his whole experience with the game, what his favourite tracks are (I agree that Daft Punk's Alive works like a charm) and where he got his inspiration from...

Rez was and still is completely inspiring to me. Many other developers reference it too - its impact has rightly been huge.

Also, highly customizable games like Magic the Gathering have inspired me. It was a while back, but I heard about a game available in Japan where you would scan in bar codes and each one would create a different monster to battle with. The more games allow players to create their own experiences the better.

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