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Still Hungry? - Don't Starve Expanding With Reign Of Giants

Breaking the fast

To those who haven't invested tens of hours in Don't Starve and uncovered every last one of its randomized secrets, it may seem like an endless onslaught of hungry, hungry horrors. Some people, however, have ventured deep into its howling forests and emerged with their stomach linings largely intact. They want more. They need more. One might say they are starving for more Don't Starve. I wouldn't, because I'm better than such an easy joke. You, though? Well, I won't judge. At any rate, those people will get their wish soonishly when Klei unleashes Don't Starve's first major DLC expansion: Reign of Giants.

It somehow involves autumn! There will presumably be giants! And they will probably stomp all over your precious shelter like a ruthless child atop an ant hill. That's pretty much everything I can surmise at this point.

As is typical of Klei's Don't Starve releases, players are meant to ponder, speculate, and ultimately discover what this is all about for themselves. I've asked Klei for more info on the expansion, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Not yet, anyway. In the meantime, it's worth reiterating that Don't Starve is really great. And even if you've returned from your survival spree looking like a more attractive Tom Hanks from Castaway, there's still tons of mod content on the game's Steam Workshop page to tide you over until Reign of Giants comes out.

Right now, Klei's only saying that it's "coming soon." Probably remember to eat at least until then.

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