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Stock Jump turns economic collapse into sick ski tricks

Radical recession

The world's not looking good these days. Economically, as much as anything else. Across the board, stocks are in freefall thanks to Covid-19 keeping potential customers and workers indoors in self-isolation. If there's a silver lining, it's that all those jagged downward trends look a little bit like ski slopes if you squint hard enough. Enter Stock Jump - a free little browser game about using real-time economic decline to score a Winter Olympic world record.

Coming from McPixel and Mosh Pit Simulator developer and pop-up firetruck DJ Sos Sosowksi, Stock Jump is a quick little dance on the free market's deathbed.

An intimidating front-end lets you pick from a staggering list of real-life stock exchanges, and any company publically listed therein. Each one is tracked and transferred to Sosowski's slopes in real-time, letting you watch an economic collapse as it happens.

Sure, it's no Steep - Sosowski's game is more notable for its novel use of financial data than its ski-jump complexity. But when was the last time a sports game let you high-jump off the current market value of Gregg's, eh? Activision Blizzard's one is particularly nasty, with a last-minute peak tempting some risky, well-timed leaps.

If you ever feel like tearing powder at the expense of Electronic Arts' stockholders, you can play Stock Jump for free here.

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