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Strafe adds daily challenges, new enemies, saves

Shake the bag o' procedural generation

Retro-styled roguelikelike FPS Strafe [official site] has added daily and weekly challenge in a hefty update which also includes new bits to shake up in its big bag o' procedural generation. Expect new enemies, new enemy variants, new handcrafted rooms, and unlockable game modifiers including such classics as instagib and big head mode. The update also adds... the ability to save runs? Did it not have that before? Well then!

Hit the Millenium Edition patch notes for more details on everything, including plenty of balance tweaks and bug fixes. The update should now be live on Steam and GOG.

Here, look at all the newness:

Strafe is half-price on Steam for another day-and-a-bit too, down to £7.49/€9.99/$9.98.

When our Alec played Strafe, he came away struck by just how uncool it was:

"Strafe looks so damned dorky – more than anything, it makes me think of the sort of mocked-up shooters that a bad police procedural series on TV would create when it does a cringe-worthy episode about obsessive gamers. It's not that bad in truth, but it definitely looks like a solid-but-unexceptional cover version of an enduring classic. Which is, of course, exactly what it is.

"Even so, it has kept luring me back over the past couple of days, which is no slight accomplishment right now, given that Prey is emitting a constant siren call from my hard drive. I am a total sucker for that type of early 3D first-person combat, and it doesn't put a foot wrong when it comes to movement – the title is apt – or the act of pulling a blocky trigger at speed, even if the weapons do lack personality."

What have you made of it, gang?

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