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Stranger Things drive into Rocket League's Haunted Hallows event today

Stranger Vrooms

Stranger Things might be in a post-season slump, but you wouldn't know it from looking at games. You've got your Nancy and Steve popping into Dead By Daylight, and every bookstore and board game shop in town has those themed Dungeons & Dragons (& Demagorgons) starter kits lying about. Today, it's Rocket League's turn to become haunted by the 80s, as Haunted Hallows arrive in car-footy land.

Frankly, I'd have just turned the pitch upside down. Would've been a laugh.

Instead, we get a very spooky Farmstead to play on, Upside Down in theme if not geometry. That means plenty of eerie mist, red stormclouds, and a proper massive eldritch spectator watching the proceedings. 150 points if you bounce one off his head, I reckon.

There's a bunch of themed hats, paint jobs, wheels and rocket bursts to slap on your car. Yes, it's all still quite "gosh, the 80s", but it's also absolute Halloween kitsch. I can't stay mad at a car covered in spiders. A full list of these car kits can be found over on the Haunted Hallows event page.

Rocket League hasn't quite banished loot boxes just yet, but it has introduced loot boxes that look like big golden pumpkins. Thankfully, event items are earned by playing matches and earning candy corn, which I understand to be the absolute worst Halloween candy across the pond.

My partner and I personally stopped watching Stranger Things about two episodes into the latest season. Would I have enjoyed it more if the kids were all cars? If those cars played football? Who can say?

Rocket League's Haunted Hallows event runs from today through November 11th.

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