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Strategic roguelike Loop Hero is out now

A world-looping, deck-building roguelike RPG? Sign me right up

One of the Lich's endless loops from Loop Hero. Here you can see some of the different terrain you can use to alter the loop.
Image credit: Four Quarters / Devolver Digital

Loop Hero is a new world-looping, deck-building RPG that launched today. It drops you in the shoes of a little adventurer, caught in an infinite loop by an evil Lich. As you travel around in endless circles, you can collect items and alter the world to attempt to escape. Over the last week or so, I've written about a fair few new indie roguelikes (because I love them), but I reckon this one is the most interesting of the bunch.

I've had my eye on Loop Hero for a little while - as have others in the RPS treehouse, it's one of our most anticipated games for March - and it really is right up my alley. Over your loopy journeys, you'll fight monsters and collect cards that let you alter a section of the loop. That could involve placing a building, enemy or changing the terrain. New terrain, for example, will let you find new monsters or things that might drop you something else helpful for your expedition.

It seems like a sort of slow-burn roguelike where each run very gradually helps you build up your resources. It's pretty strategic too: you could use a terrain-altering card to do away with something dangerous in your path, though that could put you at risk of other loopy dangers. It's all about planning your movements to turn the loop to your advantage. It's also worth noting that this game is a sort of autobattler. So once you've made your moves, placed your cards and pressed go, your adventurer will start wandering on the path you've prepared.

Each time you die (or complete a run), the new loop you enter will be completely different. In between your expeditions, you can select from character classes and select cards you think will be beneficial. Ultimately, you'll beat some bosses and defeat the evil Lich holding the world captive.

If you're interested, you can get a good sense of how the game works over on the Loop Hero website. The whole thing loops infinitely as you scroll down, and it shows off how the combat works too.

Loop Hero is out on Steam right now, priced at £13/$15/€15. It's developed by Four Quarters and published by Devolver Digital.

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Loop Hero

PC, Nintendo Switch

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