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Stray Energy Drink locations: Where to find every Vending Machine

Learn where to find all four Energy Drink locations in Stray

Looking for all of the Energy Drink locations in Stray? Energy Drinks are a type of currency in Stray. You can use them to purchase a piece of Sheet Music and a Memory from Azooz, the market place merchant in the Slums. You can get these Energy Drinks by interacting with Vending Machines scattered around the Slums. However, finding all of the Energy Drink locations yourself is a challenge, as the Slums are an incredibly dense urban environment.

In this guide, we'll show you all of the Energy Drink locations in Stray, so that you can easily find every Vending Machine. We'll also remind you where to find Azooz, so that you can return to the market place and spend your Stray Energy Drinks.

All Energy Drink locations in Stray

Here's a list of all Energy Drink locations in Stray:

If you're struggling to find the market place or Azooz, simply head back to the tower where you first met Guardian. It's the really tall, illuminated tower that looms over the Slums, so it should be easy to spot by looking up. From the tower, turn right and head down the nearby alleyway to find Azooz sat in his market place stall.

It’s important to note that you cannot find Energy Drinks or purchase items after leaving the Slums, so you’ll need to get them before heading into the Sewers with Momo if you want to 100% this meowsterpiece. You might see other machines scattered around the city, but you don’t need to interact with them all. Only Vending Machines that are lit up will give you Energy Drinks, so you can safely ignore the rest.

Energy Drink 1: Outside Doc’s apartment

The first Energy Drink location you'll likely come across is just outside of Doc's apartment, as shown below. Simply hop down and interact with the Vending Machine to get your first Energy Drink. You should also be able to spot it from outside of Momo’s apartment, too, on the rooftop where you can curl up and take a nap. If you look down from there, you’ll see the Vending Machine on a lower rooftop in front of you.

Stray screenshot showing a cat on a rooftop staring down over other rooftops dimly lit by a red glow. A Vending Machine is lit up in the distance.

Energy Drink 2: RIP Humans Graffiti

The second Energy Drink location can be found in the streets of the Slums. From Kosma’s Laundromat, turn right and head to the end of the nearby alley. This will lead you past Seamus’ house and towards the end of a dingy alleyway. At the end, you should spot a graffiti tag on the wall that reads “RIP humans”. You’ll find the second Vending Machine to the left of this graffiti.

Stray screenshot showing a Vending machine lit up next to some graffiti that reads "RIP Humans" in a very dark alleyway.

Energy Drink 3: Near Morusque

Morusque is a robot in the Slums who has a guitar. He'll take any Sheet Music collectibles that you find, but he's also sat by an Energy Drink location. You'll find Morusque between the tower where you first meet Guardian and the entrance to the sewers. When you reach Morusque, look opposite him to find the third Vending Machine.

Stray screenshot showing a cat prowling down a dark alleyway towards a lit vending machine.

Energy Drink 4: Rooftops near Heptor

The final Energy Drink location is on the rooftops of the Slums. To start, head up to the rooftops and find Heptor in the centre of the Slums. He’s sitting on a little bucket next to a sofa, near the robots who are chucking paint across a gap.

Stray screenshot showing a cat staring at a robot sat on a bucket. They are both next to a sofa on a rooftop.

From Heptor, follow the little wooden ramp to the left. After crossing the ramp, look down to spot a balcony below you. The final Vending Machine is on the balcony there, so make your way down and interact with it to get the final Energy Drink.

Stray screenshot showing a cat peering off the edge of a rooftop, staring at a vending machine that is lit below.

That covers where to find all Energy Drink locations in Stray. After getting all of the Energy Drinks, make sure to head back to the market place to spend them on other shiny collectibles. If you want to know why Stray is such a feline favourite, check out Katharine’s Stray review. To get it running on your own device, take a look at James’ article on Stray’s PC requirements and best settings.

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