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Street Fighter 5's final two characters of the season are out today

Plus a new Deltron song! For reals!

During the Evo 2018 finals last night, Capcom had a little announcement to make - a surprise double character launch due for today, wrapping up Street Fighter 5's third season pass in one mighty tiger uppercut. Releasing simultaneously, we're seeing the return of fan-favourite Muay Thai monster Sagat, and the all-new and self-titled 'President Of The World' G. They're accompanied by full character trailers, plus more technical explanation videos showing exactly what they can do in the ring.

In the blue corner, we've got returning villain Sagat. Somehow, he feels more intimidating than ever. Filling up a vast chunk of the screen (although still dwarfed by the towering beast that is Abigail), he has huge range on those sweeping kicks and long lean-in punches. Capcom describe him as being all about zoning and punishment - control the space, lure your opponent into over or under-committing and then wipe the floor with their face.

And in the red corner, we've got self-titled President Of The World, G. Imagine Abraham Lincoln after an extreme body-building regimen, covered in swirling, reflective golden markings and able to channel both 'President Power' and the energy of Gaia herself in order to cause volcanic eruptions. He's also accompanied by an all new Del The Funky Homosapien track, the first (so far as I'm aware) since Battleborn's remarkably cool intro.

G is an odd one, even by Street Fighter standards. Judging by his move-set (and one of his alternate costumes), he seems vaguely related, somehow, to metal-masked robo-frankenstein Q from Street fighter III: Third Strike. I can't help but feel that for all his old-timey charms, G might not be entirely on the level. Ah well, wouldn't make him the first, or second, or third Street Fighter character seeking world domination.

On top of the introductory trailers, Street Fighter's YouTube channel contains videos breaking down exactly what Sagat and G can do. Compared to the trailers they're perhaps a little dry and technical, but anyone competitive wanting to get a handle on what makes the characters tick will definitely want to check them out.

Sagat and G can be bought separately with either in-game Fight Money or real cash, but you're most likely going to get them as part of Street Fighter 5's third season pass, which costs £25/€30/$30.

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